The American Bar Association rates Gorsuch “well qualified”

This week, the American Bar Association released their rating of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the White House, and Gorsuch himself.

As expected, the ABA gave him a unanimous “well qualified” rating, which is the highest rating they give to judicial nominees.

This is no surprise to America’s Foundation for Law and Liberty.  Immediately after Gorsuch’s nomination, AFLL Chairman and Lead Counsel David Warrington said this:

“In addition to his strong academic and legal background, Judge Gorsuch has shown a strong commitment to the Constitution. He is a textualist in the tradition of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

His opinions are well-reasoned, clear, and written in a lively and easily readable style. He has shown a commitment to the Constitutional principles of religious liberty, limited government, and federalism.”

Judge Neil Gorsuch’s appointment has been endorsed by conservatives and liberals alike because he follows the Constitution and does not let his personal opinions get in the way of decisions.

In the past, Democrats like former Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have called the ABA ratings the “gold standard”.

Hearings begin on March 20th and we will see then if the Democrats who have previously heralded the ABA ratings will continue to do so.

AFLL looks forward to seeing Judge Gorsuch on the bench.

– Chris Younce