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Senate Pressure Ramps up against Gorsuch; Spotlight on Political Money

This coming Monday, March 20, Senate hearings will begin on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

As hearings begin and the confirmation vote approaches, pressure is ramping up from many progressive activists and outside groups.

Roll Call is reporting that Senate Democrats are being urged by lawmakers, activists, and outside groups to “probe Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s views on campaign finance law during his confirmation hearings next week.”

One left-wing group released a video listing reasons why “Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, should make you afraid, very afraid.” Number one on their list is the fear that “our elections could be completely handed over to the wealthy and the powerful.”

This melodramatic statement is not grounded in any evidence or statements from Gorsuch, but rather continues the irrational and sensationalized narrative on the left with the intent to demonize and suppress political speech in the years following the Citizens United case.

The truth is that more complex campaign finance regulations will not save our elections from being “completely handed over to the wealthy and powerful” as progressives assert.

If anything, the opposite is true. More complex regulations favor the wealthy and powerful – those individuals and groups who can afford to hire a team of lawyers to navigate the convoluted regulatory burden.

Fewer restrictions on free speech favors those who seek to challenge corruption and concentration of power. It’s usually those firmly in power (incumbent politicians for example) who most desire to restrict political money and speech, in order to shield themselves from competition and scrutiny (those darn voters).

As I’ve written on our blog before in citing quotes from Justice Antonin Scalia, America’s Foundation for Law & Liberty (AFLL) is dedicated to defending the First Amendment in all forms – including political speech and the money that facilitates it, however large or seemingly small the speech or expenditure may be. The more speech the better.

AFLL believes that Judge Neil Gorsuch understands this timeless principle and is committed to upholding the Constitution and all of the freedoms it is intended to protect.

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– Matthew Burrow