Neil Gorsuch: The Judge Americans Need

Judge Neil Gorsuch has been on Capitol Hill this week for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on his nomination to the Supreme Court, and during the process, he has shown exactly why he will make a wonderful Supreme Court Justice.

Overlooking his impeccable record for a moment, I would like to dig deeper into the character of Judge Gorsuch, and show the American people why we need more judges like him.

In an age where judges have become more and more like politicians, it is refreshing to see Judge Gorsuch condemn the practice. His job is not to make a decision based on conservative or liberal ideology but interpret the law objectively as possible.

Over and over again during the hearings, Gorsuch has been asked how he would rule on certain cases, which he cannot answer according to the legal ethics, but he also stresses the need to look at every case differently and with an open mind.

He reiterated time after time that Congress is responsible for making the laws, and if they don’t like them they can change them.

“When I put on the robe, I’m also reminded that under our Constitution it’s for this body — the people’s representatives — to make new laws, for the executive to make sure those laws are faithfully executed, and for neutral and independent judges to apply the law in the people’s disputes.”

This statement not only signals a deep understanding of our Constitutional system of government, it signals the type of open-minded and fair thinking that should be required of all judges.

If you watch the confirmation hearings for just a few minutes, you will see that Judge Gorsuch is an upstanding American: a hard-working man who loves to spend time with his family and in the great outdoors.

You will also see a gentle man who is very well spoken, even tempered, and committed to the rule of law, the type of fair judge every American wants to preside over their case.

AFLL Chairman & Lead Counsel, David Warrington, had this to say about Judge Gorsuch:

“In addition to his strong academic and legal background, Judge Gorsuch has shown a strong commitment to the Constitution. He is a textualist in the tradition of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

His opinions are well-reasoned, clear, and written in a lively and easily readable style. He has shown a commitment to the Constitutional principles of religious liberty, limited government, and federalism.”

Judge Neil Gorsuch will make a great fit as the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.