ICYMI: AFLL’s David Warrington writes Op-Ed in The Hill

On Monday, Judge Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as Associate Supreme Court Justice, completing the process of replacing the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

America’s Foundation for Law & Liberty (AFLL) voiced its support throughout the nomination and confirmation process of Justice Gorsuch, and we look forward to following his opinions and writings in defense of the Constitution on the Supreme Court. As AFLL Chairman David Warrington said of Gorsuch at the outset of the nomination, “His opinions are well-reasoned, clear, and written in a lively and easily readable style. He has shown a commitment to the Constitutional principles of religious liberty, limited government, and federalism. “

The confirmation process was not without its obstacles and naysayers, however. Many of Justice Gorsuch’s critics asserted that he favors business and corporate interests over those of the working class, and he was repeatedly questioned on the issue of political speech, disclosure, contribution limits, and other campaign finance regulations.

One particularly tense exchange occurred between Justice Gorsuch and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), in which Whitehouse demonized so-called “dark money” and said to Gorsuch that, “chilling speech is a value we should consider.” The telling exchange can be read viewed on our blog.

Not long after the exchange, AFLL Chairman and Lead Counsel David Warrington expanded on the topic, writing an excellent op-ed in The Hill, titled “Do Democrats Oppose Gorsuch because they hate Free Speech? (Yes)” which is worth your read.

AFLL is committed to defending political speech in all forms, the money which facilitates speech, and your right to participate politically without the threat of harassment, intimidation or retribution. You can support our mission here.